2021 Pilot Dogs Standard Poodle Available image

2021 Pilot Dogs Standard Poodle Available

The final ornament in the series!

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The 2021 Pilot Dogs Collectible Pewter Holiday Ornament is now available!

This year’s ornament features the Standard Poodle.

Each ornament was handmade by Woodbury Pewter in Woodbury, Connecticut. This is the final ornament in the series of seven.

$15 dollars per ornament

$100 for the entire 7 Ornament Series

There are still some left from previous years.

2020 Pilot Dogs Vizsla Ornament

2019 Pilot Dogs Boxer Ornament

2018 Pilot Dogs Golden Ornament

2017 Pilot Dogs Labrador Ornament

2016 Pilot Dogs Doberman Ornament

2015 Pilot Dogs German Shepherd Ornament

You can purchase online or mail a check or cash to:

Pilot Dogs, Inc.

625 West Town Street

Columbus, OH 43215

If mailing a check or cash, please be sure to specify it is for the ornament and what breed you would like.

Want to add a Calendar to your order? Just use the custom donation amount and add the price of a calendar 1 for $14.00, 2 for $25, 3 for $35, 4 for $45 to your ornament price.

Ornaments will be mailed out within one week of receiving your order